My first


Hiz everyone … this is my first blog . In fact I don’t know why I made it . I think it will be an interested experience . Toma is the first who encouraged me to use it and she said I will make new for me also {{{{ I am waiting u toma 😛 …. Now , it’s 5:17 am today is Wednesday which is the first Wednesday of my last semester InshAllah . Until now my body didn’t used to sleep at night coz in the last holiday I wake up in the afternoon and sleep in the morning .. Today I have 2 lectures , one of them is for  an old doctor who I really feel sorry for her and the second lecture is for a lady doctor who likes make up lol … Now I am talking with Toma by using MSN and she is hungry >_< also she will absent today 😀 …. My new lap top has a problem in it’s fan 😦 … I will send it to the maintenance , I will miss it . I hope it will not late more than 2-3 days but I think it will spend one week away from me .. I love u my laptop  🙂
Have a good day ….. 5:57 am


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