The electric was stopped

Today is Thursday , it’s 5:24 am . today I will go to my uncle’s farm . yah on Wednesday I was excited with this blog I couldn’t wait to came back to home from college . I came back with Soso .  I met mamy she cooked Prosted , fresh fries and seleeq then I slept from 3 PM until 9:30 PM >_< also I was sleeeeeeepy I took shower then I went to my mom and sisters G1-G2 and my brother K .Then , I cooked sweet )Alsemeed( for tomorrow . AT 2 am I was sleepy but I don’t want to sleep to pray Alfajer prayer so that I prepared coffee with chocolates although Toma refused this idea

yah also she made blog as she promised me :p .. now I will go to sleep c u later  …. Yah today momy gave us new decision which is no lap top on the bed >>> 😀

On Thursday I woke up at 2pm and . At 5pm I was ready . The farm had problem with water, but  we spent fun time my uncles made sweets which I took pics of them

this’s my uncle’s baby I really like her so0o0 cute

after that at 11 PM the electric had stopped >_<

children were crying , women were searching and calling their babies

we came back at 12 :15 PM

then I went to my mom’s room and helped her after that we drank tea with potatoes

I have just one day with my lap top….


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