The Pregnants met :p Boba&Sosa

I had just one lecture which was bo0o0ring ,,, I dislike any doctor who try to control the lecture in a stupid way .. During the lecture I was talking with my friend Sosa ,  who is pregnant , about where she will born 🙂 she is in her sixth month .

After that I when to the Kafteria with Koko and Roro also I met my friend Boba who is pregnant too  <<<< thanks God I didn’t married yet 😛 then we walked ,,,,, ummm know I thinking about my graduation’s party what I will do I think I need alot of thing to deal with … Yha I come early at 11:30 am and as a gift to mam I decided to cook the lunch every day , Today I will cook Seleq which is saudi dish . But tomorrow I will came back late at 1 pm 😦 coz they postphoned today’s second lecture to tomorrow …

back 🙂 I cooked that Seleq and took pic for it I will write hwo to cook Seleq but when my laptop come back 🙂
nothing news . But my sister will came back to her first school coz we discover that a new school was bad is not for studying but for playing and dancing >_<



2 thoughts on “The Pregnants met :p Boba&Sosa

  1. my friend I didn’t think u play in lecture ,,, be attintive with ur teacher even it’s boooring (who’s talking) I don’t know?? =)

    mmmm ah great u’ll coock the lunch, I’ll start coock but after arranged my sleeping …

    ah I didn’t forget I waiting the picture….

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