Jareer bookstore

Today was long and short in the same way , In the morning I wanted to absent coz I have TENNIS ELBOW in my right hand but I have a lecture with doctor ask who came today , my middle exams will start after 2 weeks but we don’t know yet if we have off days or not but all of that isn’t problem at all the big problem is that we have an exam in the first day after shirt holiday !!

Yah I had funny situation today I was talking with Koko then the doctor asked me to change my place >< {{{{ I don’t know why me although many students in the class talking and laughing any way she asked me about my name and I said Ghala she laughed and said waw like my daughters’s name then I said waw that’s pleasure for u >< }}}}} very confidence lol she shocked < and me then all the class laughed . then she came to me and show me her ring in fact it’s very baaaaaaaaaad and asked me what do u thing , how much is it ? oh I shocked I want ask her is that gold or accessories but I was fraid of her answer haha I thought if I asked her she will be angry and say o0o0h what’s thaaaaaat of course gold , any way I couldn’t anserw quickly in my mind it doesn’t cost 5 RS but I said to make her happy I think it’s 50RS she said what? why do u think this ? ummm just coz of it’s shape >< thanks Allah the lecture passed saely lol .

I went to Jarer bookstore with Fofo with my cam of course

then I went to Armal  to buy Vitamins but I didn’t find what exactly I want

then I went to Sony world }}}}} heart 🙂  to receive my laptop’s bag



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