Party :)

hiiiiiiiiiiiz Today I gad the best gift sence starting studying ooooooooooooooh fianlly at the last term in my studying they finally … I was as usually boring then Dr.Eman come and read a list of 10 girl Dr.Nasrah was sing to me and smile but I didn’t understand any thing . yaaaaaaah they make a party for us looooooooooool I am the seventh and I got 91% thanks Allah thanks Allah . I couldn’t wait I take a permission and went to call Dad and Mam yah they became very happy for me . then I tried to call Toma to tell her but she didn’t answer so that I told her my msn 🙂 Then I shcked with my name they wrote it wrong !! I tryed to talk with the responsible but I didn’t find her . I told Soso about that so he bought Herfy as a breakfast at 11:20 😛 I tried to sleep but I couldn’t , moving on the bed and thinking about the party how it will be ? what will wear ? can mamy come there coz it’s her time 🙂

but I couldn’t sleep till 4:30 pm then we went to Al-Kelega festival lol it was crowded and I took pics of that also we see the members of Buriadah forum and they took pic of G2


 then went to my grand mom’s’s house . there we find Al-ali and AL-towajery came later .


My uncle’s daoughter


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