What’s the thing ?

hiz Today I am so0o tired psychologically coz of exams , I came back tired at 1pm then pray and eat the lunch which my father ordered it then I went to sleep they called me , ur aunt want u !

I went to call her . she congratulate me then asked me why I can’t come on Thursday I told her coz of exams she tried hard to convince me but I applogised I cant I don’t want to pressure myself  but I felt shy of her coz she talk to me alo0o0t to convince me come finally she said I have a thing and u must come ….. here I sopped and think alot … I promised her I will try

what’s the thing ??? think with me ….


o0oh something unexcepted happened .. After al-magreb pray I started to study linguistics for the midterm exams then mamy called me Ghala come I went there

there was a great , big and fantastic suprise …

my family prepared a party for me I hold my tears directly I huged momy and G1 thanks alot momy thanks alot my brothers I will not forget that forever  inshaAllah …. 🙂


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