Learning translation

today I waked up at 3

in fact I am afraid of poetry

what I will  get ?!

any was today I was just trying to learn how can use programs to translation coz I am planing to make new channel in YouTube  ….

yah my little sister will sleep in my room


sleepy on Thursday

I slept late at 10:15 at a result of stomach pain and talking with new friend from Tiland (F) … I waked up at 4:30 pm >< I was so0o0o tired and I went to my aunts but all the time I was sleepy and slept  there 😦 , I told them I am tired and I have stomache pain then I slept but my aunt prepare for me lemon jouice 🙂

I felt shy coz they tink I am tired just from stomache they don’t know I didn’t sleep well … I love u my aunts ..

Does she lie !

the doctor of poetry  , does she lie !how she tell me that every thing will be good and tell another don’t try ! ….

Ok tomorrow I will go to her for the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast time > of ok don’t cry

any way …  tomorrow is the last day of mid-exams

I am worried but I don’t know why 😦

who’s know ?!

I went to the doctor of poetry and I describe with her my exam she said don’t worry every thing will be OK !  is she really or lie ?!

I can’t wait …. I came early today I take a permission to absent and I called  dad  at 8:30 🙂 🙂 🙂

it was raining today so I went out with my sisters and mom under the rain ummmmm

strange teachers !

just today I knew that I am in the bad college over the world coz no matter what the students study or ansewr the matter is do they give their T and D gifts ! or do they smile in their faces all the day and greet them !

any way I have tomrrow psychology >> >< quickly I want to finish exams o0o0of

thanks momy for the plan to get the  choco 🙂