real dreams

the first thing I said OK  , it’s a dream but then it becomes a real thing !
it repeats many days and many events
I hated sleeping coz of that things
do u believe that

I dreamed that as I saw as we decided to go to a certain restaurant winch it impossible to go there coz we don’t like that kind of restaurant any way my little brothers were happy but at the evening mamy said no I am tired I can’t go with u so u canceled that
then I waked up … it’s dream Ghala 🙂
but I shocked when my little sister told me that we will go to that restaurant  ><oh my God in fact I forgot that dream and prepare for going out
then mamy said no I am tired at that moment as one hits me I said yaaaaaaaah yaaah I knew we r not going

another one
I just had a dream that one of my relative who is living in  another city comes to us and me with my brother went out as if we were hiding from my sister
we went to shopping but we moved from one shop to another finally we came back to the first shop and bought a red flower to my sister
we wanted it as a surprise …
I waked up aha it’s a dream it’s OK
but at the evening that woman came !!!!!!!! at th same time I went to supermarket with my brother
but before that he asked me to buy ipod as a surprise for my sister so that he didn’t tell her that we r leaving
we went to many stores finally came back to the first and buy it ….
is that my dream !!!!!!!

another one is today which leads me to write this is my dream
I saw as one gave me small cakes then as I went to chose ice cream I choose many kinds of ice cream
then I waked up … it’s dream Ghala 🙂
I went to wash my face after that my brother calling me
he gave me a can , I just about crying I said plz said it’s not cakes
he laughed haha yah it is how did u know ? I just brought it now without telling any one !
then I went to the fridge to take something but I socked when I saw the ice ….. it’s like that kind in my dream
I cried mamy I saw them I saw that cake
she answered that : umm comman u just imagine that
she didn’t belive me 😦

also there were aother old situation but I didn’t mention it

also there were another old situation but I didn’t mention it there ,,, also when I was 15 years old I saw in my dream my exam’s paper but I couldn’t remember the Q but it was the same arrange !

I just need an explanation for that

why that happen to me ?

how can I stop that ?


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