go away

on a day … u was alone just moving ur eyes to the others who were passing u looking at u
on that day I gave u my hand with a smile
when u don’t know anyone just staying at that chair
I took u to stay with us
when u don’t know any girl
I introduce to others
I just felt about u
I loved u that time
coz I didn’t know deeply
when u got all what u want u just left  me in an indirect way !
stay with me throwing bad words !
is that  …. thank u … in ur dictionary ?
is that the friendship which u know ?
I know u think I didn’t understand yet or as u say I am  a lovely girl !
u don’t know that I am just waiting and trying to ignore u , ur works and words
just coz I want to pass this level without any problem
I don’t want to lose any one at the end of the last term
so I just tried to ignore u and escape from u
now …. u losing me
I will not miss u at all
I will not miss any thing of u
coz I didn’t receive any kind of a good relationship with u
u know u lead me to bad thing
I just know believed in that wisdom which says the fried lead his friend
yah u lead me to the worst thing in the world
by u I learned many bad habits
I waked up to see u trying  to change my thinking
making me hate some lovely pp and see just the bad things of them
as u blind my eyes at their good works
I am in the first time of life feel that I win
I need time to rearrange my thinking and my view of pp
any way plz be away of me
don’t talk to me
don’t say good morning or good bye
try not to meet me
coz I want to be happy
I don’t need any thing to change my mood
so I say it slowly … goooooo awaaay …
finally I am breathing

2 thoughts on “go away

  1. Ghala , i love u with ur thinking,,,
    yes go away to bad ppl go away to ppl they try to destory
    us , go away to ppl that they try to chang our thinking to
    go away .,go away ,,go away ..

    I love it toooooo much ..

    go ahead ..

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