Welcome to my second day of Ramdan ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved this video which is about Ramadan

The persona tells others about Ramadan by using a funny way

By the way Toma gave me this video

Today is the second

I don’t feel good today coz of my finger L

Any way I waked up at 4 to help mamy and read Quran

I cooked Piza

I spend the rest time using internet as I miss it yesterday and I didn’t study anything today for the IC3 L I just was saying there’s time .

I nearly found a job I tried to call them but they didn’t answer soย  I will try tomorrow

Mamy asked me to go to shopping but I dislike the idea coz of the ย mood which is as a result of the stress of the pain of my finger

I opened my messenger for the fist time in Ramadan and changed the topic and personal message โ€ฆ

ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุงุจูˆูŠ : ู„ุงุชููƒุฑูŠู† ูƒุฐุง ูˆุงุฐุง ุตุงุฑ ุดูŠ ู…ุญุฒู† ู„ุงูŠุถูŠู‚ ุตุฏุฑูƒ ูƒู„ู‡ ู…ู† ุฑุจูŠ ูƒุงุชุจู‡ ูˆุงู† ููƒุฑุชูŠ ูƒุซูŠุฑ ุจุงู„ุงุฎูŠุฑ ุฑุงุญ ูŠุฌูŠูƒ ุถุบุท ูˆุณูƒุฑ ูˆุงู…ุฑุงุถ ุจุณ ุญุงูˆู„ูŠ ุชุทู†ุดูŠูŠูŠู†

ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุงุจูˆูŠ : ู…ูˆ ุบุฑูŠุจ ุนู„ูŠูƒ ุดุทุงุฑุชูƒ ุนู„ู‰ ุงุจูˆูƒ

ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุงุจูˆูŠ : ููŠูƒ ุนูŠุจ ุชู†ูุนู„ูŠู† ุจุณุฑุนู‡

ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุงุจูˆูŠ : ุงุชู‚ุงู† ุงู„ุนู…ู„ ูŠุญุชุงุฑ ุนุฏูˆูƒ ููŠูƒ :p





ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู…ูŠ: ู…ุงููŠู‡ ุงุญุฏ ูƒุงู…ู„

ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู…ูŠ : ุงู„ู†ุจูŠ ุตู„ู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูˆุณู„ู… ู‚ุงู„ : ยซ ุฃูŠู‡ุง ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ุฃูุดูˆุง ุงู„ุณู„ุงู…ุŒ ูˆุฃุทุนู…ูˆุง ุงู„ุทุนุงู…ุŒ ูˆุตู„ูˆุง ุจุงู„ู„ูŠู„ ูˆุงู„ู†ุงุณ ู†ูŠุงู…ุŒ ุชุฏุฎู„ูˆุง ุงู„ุฌู†ุฉ ุจุณู„ุงู…

ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู…ูŠ : ู…ุชู‰ ุงุฎุฑ ู…ุฑู‡ ู‚ุฑูŠุชูŠ ุงู„ู‚ุฑุงู†

ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู…ูŠ : ูˆู…ู† ูŠุชู‚ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุฌุนู„ ู„ู‡ ู…ุฎุฑุฌุง

ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู…ูŠ : ูˆุบูŠุฑ ุชู‚ูŠ ูŠุฃู…ุฑย ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ุจุงู„ุชู‚ู‰ ุทุจูŠุจ ูŠุฏุงูˆูŠย ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ูˆู‡ูˆ ุนู„ูŠู„

ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู…ูŠ : ุงู†ุชุธุงุฑ ุงู„ุงู…ู„ ุฎูŠุฑ ู…ู† ุนุฏู… ุงู„ุงู…ู„

ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู…ูŠ : ู„ุงุชุฏุฎู„ูŠู† ู…ู†ุชุฏู‰ ุงู„ุงุณุฑู‡ ูˆุงุจุนุฏูŠ ุนู† ู…ูˆุงุถูŠุน ุงู„ู…ุดุงูƒู„ ุจู„ุงุด ุชุนูˆุฑูŠู† ุฑุงุณูƒ ูˆุชุถูŠู‚ูŠู† ุตุฏุฑูƒ ูŠุฌูŠูƒ ุงูŠุงู… ุถุงูŠู‚ู‡ ููŠ ูˆู…ุงุชุฏุฑูŠู† ู…ู† ุงูŠุด ุงุชุฑูƒูŠ ุงู„ูƒู„ ุจุญุงู„ู‡ ุฑุจูŠ ูŠูˆูู‚ู‡


Welcome Ramadan :D

The first day

Question: What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Every day during this month, Muslims around the world spend the daylight hours in a complete fast.
Answer: During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight hours. As a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice, Ramadan is much more than just not eating and drinking.

Muslims are called upon to use this month to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance. We are to make peace with those who have wronged us, strengthen ties with family and friends, do away with bad habits — essentially to clean up our lives, our thoughts, and our feelings. The Arabic word for “fasting” (sawm) literally means “to refrain” – and it means not only refraining from food and drink, but from evil actions, thoughts, and words.

During Ramadan, every part of the body must be restrained. The tongue must be restrained from backbiting and gossip. The eyes must restrain themselves from looking at unlawful things. The hand must not touch or take anything that does not belong to it. The ears must refrain from listening to idle talk or obscene words. The feet must refrain from going to sinful places. In such a way, every part of the body observes the fast.

Therefore, fasting is not merely physical, but is rather the total commitment of the person’s body and soul to the spirit of the fast. Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint; a time to cleanse the body and soul from impurities and re-focus one’s self on the worship of God.

Suggested Reading ….


Fist of all this is a great website u can choose ur language there :::


I love to hear that fantastic voice ::: ย  ย  ย ๐Ÿ™‚




it’s the first day of ย Ramadan , the Holy month

it’s full of happy mpmentsย  . the best moment that I love in Ramadan when all members ofย  my family stay together waiting the breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

I love hearing myย littleย brothers calling each other for breakfast … -}

we prepared Al-Suhoor (which we eat before fast ) which contains two kinds of rice andย saltย with water of course

then boys went to pray ( Al-Fajer pray ) then we sleeeep , we of course wake up to pray Al-Daher then back to sleep .

I waked up at 4 pm to help mamy to prepareย breakfastย and dinner then read Quran

It’s 6:30 my family staying together waiting the breakfast

The main dish inย breakfastย is dates

after prayingย  we put dinner

some families ย eat breakfast with dinner together but my family dislike this way as we make our stomache full of food together :ย ย  so we like to separate them to take break and to pray easy not with full stomach

at about 8:30 we pray AlEsha pray with Altarawih – Al-Tarawih just in Ramadan

I gave my liitle sisterย contestย that she must read 2 pages of Quran per day when Ramadan finfish after 29 or 30 days I will give her gift ๐Ÿ˜€

I have toย finishย myย courseย IC3> it’s harder than that Iย thought

I hope u interst in my fist dairy of Ramadan

and if u want me to talk about certain point just tell me that ๐Ÿ™‚

Ramadan is coming :)


tomorrow will be the first day of The Holey Ramadan

so0 I decided to write my dairy during this month of course with pics ย ๐Ÿ™‚

I will write about Ramadan it self also what we do as Muslims during this month and our days

share me my dairy ๐Ÿ™‚